1. All students should come in time and attend the morning assembly without fail.

2. Students must come to school neat and tidy in their prescribed uniform.

3. Children are requested to keep their textbooks and notebooks neatly wrapped and labelled throughout the year.

4. It is important that children should attend the school regularly. Unnecessary leave taken by children must be avoided, as it will spoil their educational carrier.

5. Children should produce leave letter duly signed by their parents / guardian if they want to avail leave for any unavoidable reason. A pupil with cent percent attendance during the academic year will be awarded prizes

6. Pupils who will be absent for any examination will not be examined separately.

7. If fees is not paid before the last date, the student’s name will be removed from the roll and he/she will not be admitted into the class or not allowed for appearing the examination.

8. Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances whether the student has attended the class or not.

9. School pupil should not be entrusted with the payment of fees. Parents are advised not to send the wards with costly jewels or ornaments. The school authorities can’t take responsible for loss of such things.

10. Private classes are conducted for Hindi, Karnatic Music, chess, carrom, Bharathanatiyam for willing students.

11. Parents should co-operate with school authorities in encouraging children to take part in extra-curricular activities such as sports day, School day and various competitions.

12. Parents who want to take their children from school before the school closing time should come to school personally, meet the principal and get the permission for the same.

13. Parents are requested to check the diary daily, for home assignments, teacher’s note to parents etc., and initial them on their own even if the children might not show the diary to the parent.

14. Persons who come to pick the children of L.K.G. and U.K.G.must bring the identity card. Children are not allowed to go home without the IDENTITY CARD.

15. Progress card will be issued after every examination.

16. Students should not misuse their progress reports.

17. Only Parent or Guardian should sign in the progress report.

18. The progress card should be returned to the class teacher within three days of issue.

19. Damaging or tearing of the progress card leads to buying a new one with a penalty of Rs.50/-. Securing a minimum of 35% in a subject is considered to be passed in that subject.

20. School follows grade system of ranking students. MARKS GRADE 91 - 100 A1 81 - 90 A2 71 - 80 B1 61 - 70 B2 51 - 60 C1 41 - 50 C2 33 - 40 D 21 - 32 E1 20 & Below E2

21. Parents are welcome to visit the school. However they are requested not to enter the classroom during school hours. They are asked to meet the Principal but not the teachers.

22. Suggestions from the parents - side are always welcome. For anything, they should meet the Principal and not anyone else.

23. The co-operation of parents is expected in ensuring the pupils attendance, conduct and academic excellence.

24. The student he / she will be dismissed from school if he / she is irregular, indiscipline, disobedient and misuse parent / guardian signature.

25. The students must keep their class rooms and surroundings clean. They should not damage school properties & should maintain discipline during school hours.

26. The students will not be allowed to write the examinations further, if he / she discharges any malpractice during exam time, zero marks will be allotted for the same.

27. The students willing to get transfer certificate must produce application duly signed by parent / guardian. The transfer certificate will be issued after 48 hours from the date of submission of application.

28. Cell phones are prohibited in school. Parents should give special attention in this matter.

29. Students should not break school hours and go out to theatre, temple, park or browsing centre. If seen, disciplinary action will be taken on him / her.

30. According to the order by court and government, the students should not come to school in two wheeler (self driving). If the student he / she does not follow the rule strict action will be taken.

31. All the things in the school including teaching aids are for the use of the students. If damaged by the student, he / she will be fined triple the actual amount.

32. The student must follow the advice given by the Principal and Management from time to time and he / she is responsible to achieve fame to the school.

33. Home work is sent through SMS. - Principal.